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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reason TV has an instructional cartoon explaining Hillary's superdelegates

In the Great Hall of Democracy, there are assembled the Democratic Party's greatest heroes, created from the establishment elite.

Party leaders! Fundraisers! Lobbyists! And...Jimmy Carter!?!?

They are the Super Delegates, 700 electors chosen by party leaders who can vote at the national convention for whichever Democratic candidate they choose, regardless of whom primary and caucus voters actually selected.

Their mission? To fight grassroots candidates that might represent the party's base, to right that which is wrong (according to privileged insiders), and to serve all mankind! Well, no, just Hillary Clinton in the current election season, OK?

Fortune says that the fight isn't over yet, but I think they're doing hat same thing we Redskins fans do when we calculate unlikely mathematical possibilities of making the playoffs.

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