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Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's Buffy the Vampire Slayer's birthday - here's a list of her birthday catastrophes

One for you fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (wiki) and Angel (wiki) (and all things Joss Whedon (wiki):

Since her birthdays always sucked pretty badly, she probably wouldn't be celebrating even if the show was still around. Here are Buffy's birthday catastrophes, chronologically:

The loss of Angel's soul and the return of Angelus during her 17th (in the “Surprise”/“Innocence” (Season 2) episodes).

Buffy being stripped of her Slayer powers in preparation for the Cruciamentum during her 18th (in “Helpless”  (Season 3)).

Giles being transmogrified into a Fyarl demon by Ethan Rayne during her 19th (in “A New Man” (Season 4)).

Dawn Summers' discovery that she is the Key and subsequent identity crisis during Buffy's 20th (in “Blood Ties” (Season 5)).

All of the participants of Buffy's birthday party, including anyone else who entered the house, being trapped inside the Summers residence by Dawn's unwitting wish to Halfrek during her 21st (“Older and Far Away” (Season 6)).

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Definitely time to re-watch!


  1. Buffy was one of the greatest shows of all time!

  2. One of the very few shows I have watched every episode of. There was even one where, due to a curse, they all had to sing their lines! And the famous Buffy-Robot series, where the geeky criminals never had any intention of using their robot for anything but robberies, right? Never had any sex in mind, I'm sure!

    Bonus question- how many episodes had Buffy being, um, "nippy"? I only ever saw ONE! Definitely could have done more in this area I'm sure!

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  4. I was real surprised when no Buffy movies appeared after the series finally ended. I thought there was a massive market for such movies. The only reason I can think of as to why not is that Whedon had 'moved on' and ended up despising the series (which strangely happens a lot with creative types and their works that become very successful). You could tell with the reboot series with so many of the stories abusing the hell out of the characters. Now the writing of those stories were in the main very good but there was an obvious love/hate thing going on. I've wondered if it was Whedon who said hell no to Buffy movies or some of the actors. It was a missed opportunity imo.

    1. Whedon certainly continued to love Buffy and her supporting cast. IICRC, he wrote about their further adventures in a series of comic books that were labeled "Season Eight" and so on. I don't know why he couldn't persuade anyone to do movies based on the show. Maybe Michelle Sarah Gellar wanted to move on to other things.

  5. Despite Joss Whedon's recent sill politics, he did a great job with Buffy.