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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I finally located video of the Gilda Radner/Emily Litella skit on saving Soviet Jewry - seems apropos today

From Saturday Night Live, back when it was funny:

EMILY LITELLA: What’s all this FUSS I hear… about saving Soviet jewelry? Now… what makes Soviet jewelry so special? Will it be worth more in a few years? Why… prices what they are today… ALL jewelry will be worth more! now, if I recall correctly, Mrs. Kruschev didn’t wear very much jewelry… and her husband, the Premier, didn’t even wear a watch! Not the mickey mouse watch, anyway. Why, they wouldn’t even let him into Disney Land! And now he’s DEAD!! Well, I’m infuriated! 

Save Soviet jewelry?! Where are we going to put it? I say keep it over THERE, with all their ballet dancers! Let them keep their own jewelry AND their own ballet dancers! As a matter of fact, why don’t get the ballet dancers to save the jewelry?! Americans have more important things to save! And electricity! And what about our fuel? Now, THAT’S important! Not jewelry! 

CHEVY: Miss Litella. Miss Litella.


CHEVY: It’s Jewry. Jewry. Not jewelry.


CHEVY: Soviet Jewry. The editorial was about Jewry, not jewelry.

EMILY LITELLA: Oh! Well, that’s very important.


EMILY LITELLA: *smiling* Never mind!

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