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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Detailed Explanation: How to Sail a Boulder Across Lake Titicaca on a Reed Boat

Check out the whole post, with lots of photos, at Environmental Graffiti

On the southeastern shore of Bolivia's Lake Titicaca stand the ancient ruins of the city of Tiwanaku. Here, the remains of monolithic rock sculptures and buildings over 1,500 years old can be seen. What makes this site so incredible is not merely the size and weight of the stone used by these pre-Inca builders, but the fact that much of that stone originated far from the ruins – around 55 miles (90 kilometers) across the wide blue lake!

How these huge rocks, some of them weighing 40 tons, were transported across the famous lake – home to many indigenous tribes who live on its shores and in its floating villages – has long been a mystery.

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