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Monday, January 28, 2013

Man Got Replacement Candy 60 Years Later

It took him 60 years to collect on a complaint he sent to the Pearson’s Candy Co. in St. Paul.

Bell received a package of candy last week after sending an email reminding the company of an incident that occurred as a teen.

He was a 14-year-old living in Cold Spring when he found a twig in his nut roll. “I bit into it,” Bell said. It was 1952, and he decided to take action.

“I sent them a letter to obviously get some candy.”

He included the twig with his letter.

He received a letter from George E. Pearson, the son of one of the company’s founders. Pearson apologized for the twig, saying it came from one of the peanut vines. The letter was sent using a 3-cent stamp.

But Pearson failed to send candy. Bell filed the letter away.

“That was the end of the story,” Bell said.

Fast forward six decades to 2012; Bell and his wife, Joan, moved from Greenwald to St. Cloud, and he found the letter.

“No one saves as much as he does,” Joan Bell said. “You wouldn’t believe what he saves.”

Dave Bell sent an email in December to the company.

“It might still be in the mail,” he joked. “I wanted to remind them.”

More here, via Neatorama.

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