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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Xbox players better in bed than Playstation and Wii rivals, study finds

After establishing which console was used by the respondents’ partners to play videogames, the study asked, ‘How would you rate your partner in the bedroom?’

The results saw just 11 per cent respond ‘excellent’, while most - 27 per cent said their partner was ‘good’, 26 per cent said their partner was ‘average’ and a disappointing 20 per cent branded their partner’s bedroom skills as ‘below average’.

When the results were broken down, it emerged that Xbox players had been rated the highest by their partners, with 54 per cent of Xbox gamers being described as ‘good’ or above and 22 per cent being regarded as ‘excellent’.

Wii players also fared relatively well, with 47 per cent of them being described as ‘good’ or above.

In contrast, PC gamers performed badly in the bedroom study, as only three per cent were described as being ‘excellent’ and eight per cent as very good.

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