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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Must read: The Broadband Empire and the Game of Drones

Read the whole thing.  Excerpts: 

Your only safety lies in being overlooked, that is to say, in not being part of an affinity group of interest to the Obama administration. Otherwise you become part of the result set of a query, or search pattern.  The fact that you belong to a large group, for example the 50% of the US population that is conservative or Republican, does not give you safety in numbers.

If you can control, corrupt or even bait those (leadership) nodes you can reduce the entire group to impotence. You can effectively decapitate it, a strategy applied not only to al-Qaeda but apparently also by the IRS in its hunt of Tea Party and Republican fundraising groups. The virtual world lets you dominate the virtual high ground. You don’t have to clobber all Muslims and Republicans. You just have to clobber the key nodes and the rest will mill around like leaderless ants.

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