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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Using the powers at your disposal to dispose of those who challenge your power

Neil Cavuto zeroes in on the common theme linking Obama's scandals: "If you're not gonna love me, fear me."

Obama himself has put his philosophy in just those terms, telling Latino votersbefore the 2010 midterms to "punish our enemies and reward our friends." At the end of the 2012 election, he was telling his supporters to think of voting for him as an act of revenge against their enemies. And you can't help but notice his politics are deliberately divisive - he and his allies advance every single policy by conjuring an "enemy" group motivated by nothing but pure evil. 

It's not just rhetorical posturing. It's an attitude that has spread throughout his Administration, which is remarkably energetic in its abuse of power to injure and intimidate those "enemies." A just government is fearsome to criminals and foreign enemies; Obama's government keeps the law-abiding in a constant state of terror. One false move and you'll run afoul of a vengeful regulator agency. Any day now, the President could pop up with another round of demands to confiscate your income.

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