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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Bastille Day. Here's an old Jonah Goldberg article on the subject

Read the whole thing: The French are Revolting:

Today is Bastille Day, which commemorates the capture of an almost entirely empty prison, the cold-blooded murder of six unarmed soldiers, and the execution of one French governor already captured by the mob. Of course there is symbolic importance to the sacking of the Bastille. The French (really the Parisian) poor rose up in a spirit of democratic rage, to overthrow the ancien regime and demand the ability to misgovern the country themselves.

The French Revolution was a disgusting affair of tyrannical ego, greed and power-lust, made all the worse because it took a good idea and corrupted it, like making a BMW into a low-rider.

The single most disgusting aspect of the French Revolution was its attitude toward tradition. In effect, the Revolutionaries looked at the old house of custom, monarchy, and the Church, and said "Well, I don't like the drapes and this carpeting is pretty bad. That dinette set should go over there. And you know, that chaise lounge looks like something out of Greg Brady's swank attic bachelor pad so let's just burn the whole place down, murder the staff, execute the architects and imprison anybody who ever said anything nice about the place — and their families too, just in case."

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