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Friday, November 15, 2013

In China, McDonalds Spicy Pork McBites are "porky spheres of goodness"

I'm definitely going to be using "porky spheres of goodness" on many occasions from now on.

Pork is China’s meat of choice. The country is home to half of the world’s pigs, which account for nearly three-fourths of its meat consumption. With pork being the main feature of many traditional Chinese dishes, like Chairman Mao’s reported favorite -- braised pork belly -- it’s a surprise that chicken-focused KFC has been able to reign as fast food champion in the country.

For a variety of reasons, that may soon change. While McDonalds has played second fiddle to the Kentucky-originating fast food brand in China for years, its recent rollout of a pork product could be the key to the Chinese consumer’s taste buds. According to local magazine The Beijinger, McDonalds is hoping to build on one of its most popular items, the Chicken McNugget, with the Spicy Pork McBite.

“Done in a Chicken McNuggets style, these porky spheres of goodness have a crispy coating like their poultry counterparts,” Michael Wester, Beijinger founder and columnist, wrote after trying it himself. 

More at IBTimes.

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