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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks?

Great propaganda - look how mean and grumpy this guy has become because he doesn't have the right brand of paper towels.  He's obviously about to rise up against his employer in particular and capitalism in general.

This, of course, is still going on,...

Anti-Bolshevik poster, 'Europe's Victory is Your Prosperity', 1941
In case the Communists should conquer, our women
would be helpless beneath the boots of the Asiatic Russians
Similar - I don't have a translation:

I don't have a translation for these - please post in the comments if you have one, or can translate:


  1. The one with the octopus: "All the countries of Europe have vanquished communism; only France remains in danger."

  2. The one with the big ape says "Bolshevism threatens life and peaceful labor."

  3. Debbie, you should have called sooner!

    «Vil du leve i skyggen av ham?» - Would you live in his shadow? (Norwegian)

    „Der Bolschewismus bedroht Leben und friedliche Arbeit!“ "Banditi pripravljajo pot bolševivmu. Proč od teh podljudi!" - Bolshevism threatens life and peaceful labor! The bandits are preparing the way for Bolshevism. Away from these subhumans! (German and Slovenian)

    « Tous les pays d'Europe ont vaincu le communisme. La France reste seule menace. » - All European countries have beaten Communism. Only France remains in danger. (French)

    „Deutschlands ideale Zunkunft unter der Herrschaft des Bolschewisten." - Germany's ideal future under the rule of Bolshevism. (German)

    „Bolschewismus ohne Maske" - Bolshevism unmasked. (German)

  4. By the way, the Star of David surrounding the Hammer and Sickle is not a graphical error by the artist. It is intended to link Judaism to Communism. Note the Mogen David surrounds the Sickle, in case there's any doubt to the German reader of the time.