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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Boob Glue

I am completely mystified by the mechanics of this stuff (emphasis mine):
With bra on or garment on (if going bra-less), remove one "lady" at a time. Liberally apply Boob Glue® to breast, avoiding the nipple area. Arrange breast in desired position in bra or garment. Press firmly in place for one minute. Repeat on opposite side.
What about gravity? Is there some sort of anti-gravity or hydraulic ingredient in this stuff?

Bosom Couture's signature debut product Boob Glue, described as a "surgery in a bottle," significantly flatters a woman's breasts by positioning and holding them EXACTLY where she wants them inside her bra or fitted garment. The sensitive-skin formulated roll-on adhesive will help to lift and separate, give your breasts a sexy pushed-up "boost", or simply prevent unwelcome cups that "overflow'eth. Bosom Couture Boob Glue is also a true must-have essential for keeping armpit bulge discretely out of sight. Perfect cleavage in your favorite little black dress or a smooth, curvy silhouette in your form fitting sweater look as outstanding at the end of the day or night, as when you first stepped out the door. No adjusting... ever again. Boob Glue is also perspiration resistant which makes it perfect for keeping breasts in place at the gym when working out and in bikini tops at poolside...oh-la-la! Celebrities already know it makes any outfit or occasion even more fabulous...Now you can, too.

And there are lots of reviews on their website!

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