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Saturday, December 14, 2013

How many Brussels sprouts does it take to fill a Mini?

Favorite WTF quote: "if laid out end to end, (they) would be the length of a mile of tinsel."

A Slough greengrocer spent a day finding out how many Brussels sprouts it takes to fill a Mini.

Lawrence Jones was challenged to put a festive twist on the classic challenge of how many people can be squeezed into a Mini.

And he can now reveal that the answer to the poser - for those that have always wanted to know - is that it takes 38,182 sprouts to fill a Mini.

The vegetables weighed the equivalent of 29 festive reindeer and if laid out end to end, would be the length of a mile of tinsel.

Mr Jones said: "I was more than happy to help Mini find the answer to this festive challenge.

"I was so surprised at how many sprouts actually fitted in the car, it was much more than I had originally guessed."

After he finished his challenge, the sprouts were painstakingly picked out of the car by hand and taken to a local soup kitchen to be put to good use over the Christmas period.

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