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Monday, April 21, 2014

Check out the 1976 Spider-Man Planned Parenthood special issue

In 1976, Stan Lee presented a special Planned Parenthood edition of The Amazing Spider-Man, in which your friendly neighborhood webslinger battled the Prodigy, an evil alien from the planet Intellectia who planned to brainwash teenagers into having babies “left and right,” so he can harvest their offspring as child slave labor for his home planet:
“In a plot to gain a large crop of new child laborers for his home planet, The Prodigy, an alien in human disguise, attempts to convince teenagers to have unprotected sex. Using his power of vocal persuasion, which will convince teenagers to listen to his every command, the Prodigy denounces information about the risks and consequences of teen pregnancy and venereal disease.  Spider-Man steps in before the Prodigy's teenage victims can fall for his ploy, and stops The Prodigy from speaking by shooting webbing down his throat.”
The cover, and some of the panels:

Check out the platform shoes:

Marvel wiki has some information on the issue.

Related, sort of: The other Captain America movie - this 1973 Turkish version in which he teams up with a masked Mexican wrestler and fights evil Spider-man.

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