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Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday links

Handheld jet engines. Really.

Death and Taxes and Zombies: Tax implications of the zombie apocalypse.

Man Spends Four Years and Millions of Dollars Building an Epic Truck for His 4-Year-Old Daughter.

Gallery of extremely well-edited vintage/current overlapping pictures of Paris.

Irish Brewmaster Reviews Cheap Wines, Wine Expert Reviews Cheap Beers.

Before They Went Solo: Early Bands Of Bowie, Elton, Hendrix And Others (I was a huge fan of Long John Baldry (wiki) back when Elton John (then named Reg White) and Rod Stewart played/sang backup for him)

Medicinal Soft Drinks and Coca-Cola Fiends: The Toxic History of Soda Pop.

ICYMI, Thursday's links are here, including building a hydroelectric dam in your bathtub, the U.S. Army’s Camel Corps, and advice from c. 530 on how to use bacon.

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