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Friday, April 4, 2014

Geek alert: This video of “Final Fantasy” battles as dance-offs is brilliant

This video takes the Final Fantasy franchise and turns several of the epic battles into carefully choreographed dance-offs.  The moves are designed to evoke what happens during various spells. Here's the video (watch full screen!), and below that is a list of the spells, starting at 1:09:

1) Item: Linoleum – Magic: Castle / Shell / Protect
2) Scan
3) Shadow
4) Kick (Class: Monk)
5) Counter Attack (Weapon: Mop)
6) Ryanimay’s Ultimate Self-Sacrifice Attack
7) Summon : Mr. RAYMOND
8) Blitzball Attack
9) Magic : Rear-Ended Hypnosis
10) Summon : Bahamut
11) Magic : Haste
12) Red XIII Limit Break
13) Fire 1000

The video is by Mike Song, and he has a previous video called Final Fantasy Dance Mode:

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