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Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 4th is International Respect for Chickens day: some chicken-related links to help you celebrate

Whether you raise your own or not, you may be interested to know that May 4th is International Respect for Chickens Day.  In celebration, a few chicken related links:

Take a look at this, even if you don't read the whole thing: the famous (and definitive!) Chicken scientific study.

The KFC Prom Corsage:

Here's a "best of" FogHorn Leghorn video - "Any of this gettin' through to you, son?":

Glamour portraits of chickens from Chickens:

More at the artist's web site, and here's a mini documentary on the poultry portraiture project.

Chickens dressed as historical figures - here's Abe Lincoln, and there are more at the link:

Worried about your chickens crossing the road on dark winter evenings? This high visibility chicken jacket comes in yellow or pink:

I went looking for these chicken jackets on Amazon (they're not available) but they do have chicken saddles, which are, apparently, a real thing - I thought at first it was a a joke.  Here's the description:
Chicken saddles are made to protect your hen's back from a roosters nails and spurs. When a rooster overmates a hen this can lead to serious and sometimes life threatening damage. Backs can become bare in what seems like overnight. Often people think they need to trim the spurs or remove them entirely but that is not necessary with a chicken saddle. Why take away your rooster's best defense in protecting his flock when you can get a chicken saddle?
Plucking A Chicken In 14 Seconds With The Homemade Whizbang Chicken Plucker:

Epic Chick Fight: 2 women reenact Family Guy’s famed chicken fight:

And the original: 

Related posts and links:

Here's an excellent (and cheap!) chicken hat - I have one of these, and it actually quite warm!

This Chinese "Chick Chick" music video is the weirdest thing you'll watch all day.

500 lb chicken from hell: large feathered dinosaur species discovered in North America.

Scientists engineer flu-stopping superchicken.

The history of chickens and eggs: When and why did they get domesticated?

Got more? Leave them in the comments, and I'll update later.

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