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Friday, January 23, 2015

German man went to court, won the right to pee standing up

There has long been a campaign in Germany to convert messy Stehpinkler - standing urinators - into Sitzpinkler - their more socially responsible brethren.

Many German homes have notices in the toilet asking guests to make use of the seat rather than risk unwanted collateral damage to the bathroom.

Others even go to the lengths of installing a device called a Spuk - a spook - on the underside of the seat which issues a warning to would-be standing pee-ers, with models even available in the voices of former Chancellors Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schröder.

So, in this particular case, apparently a landlord didn't want to return a security deposit because the tenant's aim was less than perfect and led to marks on the tiles around the toilet:
The man sued his landlord after he refused to pay back €1,900 of a €3,000 deposit, saying he needed the money to repair urine-related damage on the bathroom floor.
The landlord had brought in a "technical expert“, who had the unenviable task of confirming that wayward droplets were indeed the cause of the damage to the marble tiles.
While Düsseldorf judge Stefan Hank found the pro-sitting landlord's arguments "credible and understandable“, he said that he could not side with the landlord.
"Despite the increasing domestication of men in this regard, urinating while standing up is still widespread", he wrote in his judgement.
The landlord should have warned the renter of the floor's "sensitivity" to potentially damaging bodily fluids beforehand, the judge reasoned.

"Anyone who still practices this formerly dominant custom has to expect occasional clashes with - especially female - flatmates.

More here and here, via Arbroath


  1. German men need to grow a pair, stiffen....their spines and tell the feminizers to sod off.

  2. I thought we were the ones w/ deflated balls.

  3. FWIW, the Swedish Left Party also wants to ban standing-up urination by men.

  4. We beat German men up twice, at their own national sport. You don't think we overdid it, do you?


    Nah, me neither.

  5. This would be funny it weren't potentially fatal.

    There is a health and medicine reason for men not to have to pee sitting down. It can kill you.

    Doctors world-wide are seeing an increase in not only the old forms of sexually transmitted diseases but the emergence of STD super strains, antibiotic-resistant strains, and completely new bacterial infections, for some of which there is no cure.

    It has become known that STDs really can -- as poo-poohed [pun-intended] legends say -- be transmitted by other means than actual sexual contact. You (men and women) really can "catch a dose" from an unclean toilet seat. And worse things than a "dose".

    Increasing numbers of men are being seen with urinary tract infections that are non-STDs, and harder to treat. Why? Well, one reason is because the toilet is a pretty germy place.

    And it is because the particularly unpleasant fecal bacteria, such as Escherichia coli (E-coli, plentiful in even "clean" toilets) are finding their way into the urethra, travel up it into the bladder, and can even reach the kidneys, and get into the blood. Such infections are very serious, not to mention unpleasant.

    Why more such disease? Uncleanliness. Not the biblical kind of uncleanness, but the not washing and cleaning properly type of uncleanliness.

    And since it is not only possible to contract the older scourges of good Army discipline and fitness for battle from toilet seats, it is possible for men who have to urinate sitting down to fairly easily contract not only the new STD nasties but enterococci such as E-coli.

    Doctors who treat men with urinary tract infections tell their patients not to do it sitting down.

    Having to stuff your stuff down into the bowl, so to speak, especially if you are ... well endowed, is dangerous to your health. (It's also possible to contract enterococcal diseases even if you urinate standing up, if you also sit on the toilet for the other reason, because the bacteria can and do migrate across the surface of the skin.)

    And it should be the kind of public -- and private -- health issue that is taken seriously by men (and boys) and authorities, because it is the kind of idiocy of the PC-Feminist war on men which not only puts men down but can kill them. And it is costly in public health terms.

    Of course, many of today's such wicked witches probably wouldn't mind if men were killed by their insistence on men not dribbling.

    And it is only ironic in the morbid sense that studies have shown consistently that women are by far the worst, sloppiest, most careless and most littering users of toilets.

  6. Well if anybody is curious there is a reason why this German campaign for peeing sitting down exists at all. That being the odd design of German toilets which feature a dry inspection shelf which results in splatter all around...

  7. Real men piss in the sink!

  8. At least you link your sources at the end. After you lifted everything they said, of course...

  9. > Real men piss in the sink!

    Here in Texas, real men piss off the porch.