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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday links

Because it's really hot here in the DC area - all about Air Conditioning: invention, historical reactions, Arthur Miller column on the days before air-conditioning, more. Related, sort of: one way to make good use of the heat wave - how to bake cookies on your dashboard, step by step.

10 Most Muscular Dogs of All Time.

WHO (World Health Organization) warns you not to drink camel urine.
One of my favorite Father's Day stories (NSFW- language).

10 Animal-Plant Mash-Ups That Would Be Unstoppable Killers.

18 Awesome Things Were Actually Invented By Mistake.

ICYMI, last Friday's links are here, and include the 75th anniversary of Dunkirk, time-lapse videos of seeds turning into vegetables, how to turn a stadium full of people into thousands of pixels, and how to make an untraceable gun.

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