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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Supercut of Jim Carrey Falling Down

Jim Carrey is one of those celebrities that you wish you were capable of keeping their mouths shut about non-acting subjects, since he seems to lack common sense: he's anti-gun, of course, buys in completely to the man-made global warming BS, and is at the forefront of the fact-free anti-vaccination campaign

The compromise I've come to with myself as regards obnoxious celebrities is that I neither will pay for tickets to see them in the theater nor do I buy or rent DVDs of their movies. I realize this has no effect on them since they have more money than God, but it allows me to see some of their work if it interests me.

Back to Carrey - while not a great actor, his physical comedy is impressive. And Jim Carrey falls down a LOT!

Via Tastefully Offensive.

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