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Monday, November 2, 2015

Here's video of an elephant herd attacking a motorcycle

In Thailand  - here's an excerpt from the website of the poster, discussing the elephants on the road:
1. The road was built, elephants prefer to walk the easiest trails and road construction followed the same principle. So the road was built along the elephants migration route.
2. Because of the very successful protection efforts by the Forestry Department and later the Department of National Parks (DNP) the number of elephants at least doubled. (is is also happening in most other protected areas in Thailand.)
3. Khao Yai became very popular with tourists from Bangkok and elsewhere. Visitor numbers exploded to almost 1,5 million. As available area and food for the wildlife did not increase encounters of wildlife and humans became more frequent.
4. After many resorts and even a racetrack have been built in the Pak Chong area, the attitude of the visitors changed from people enjoying the cool weather and nature in general to people mistaking a national park for an amusement park. Noisy partying, littering and racing became the main features of Khao Yai National Park, especially on weekends.

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