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Monday, February 1, 2016

A massive, abandoned freighter is drifting towards the French coast and will run aground today or tomorrow

The Panama registered – now abandoned ship – Modern Express is headed for the French coast, France's Marine Nationale reported. Authorities have been attempting to right the vessel before it runs aground, but have not been successful due to bad weather conditions.

The vessel started keeling on January 26 and the 22 crew members were immediately airlifted by Spanish rescue helicopters. The ship continued to drift through the Bay of Biscay and is nearing the resort town of Arcachon in France. It is predicted to run aground between February 1 and 2 in the Landes administrative department near Arcachon.
Modern Express was transporting 3,600 tonnes of wood along with construction machinery from Gabon to France. The carrier holds 300 tonnes of diesel but according to a report by the Maritime Prefect, the fuel is currently secure and there have been no signs of a leak.
Maritime officials believe the vessel may have tilted to one side after cargo stored on it moved due to rough weather conditions.

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