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Friday, February 12, 2016

Here are 11 reasons why Halloween is better than Valentine’s Day

Here are 11 reasons why Halloween is better than Valentine’s Day:

You don’t have to be popular or attractive to get candy from a lot of people on Halloween.

You can give people candy on Halloween without worrying they’ll “take it the wrong way.”

Wearing a costume on Halloween is considered normal. Wearing a costume on Valentine’s Day is considered kinky.

It’s easier to get last-minute dinner reservations on Halloween than on Valentine’s Day.

Female friends can hang out together on Halloween without feeling the need to call it “Gal-loween.”

If you don’t want to celebrate Halloween you just leave your porch light off. If you don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day you may need to break up with your significant other or at least fight about it.

Halloween doesn’t feel discriminatory to single people. (In fact, since they avoid the pressure to have to do a “couple’s costume,” it may be better to be single on Halloween.)

Halloween has better movies. (Okay, I haven’t actually seen the 2010 ensemble rom-com Valentine’s Day, but I’m guessing.)

Halloween has better yard decorations.

Being “scary” or “creepy” are compliments on Halloween but are generally adjectives to avoid on Valentine’s Day.

If someone does something romantic on Halloween you don’t wonder if they are only doing it because of societal expectations for that day.

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