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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Chemistry of Matches, in Super Slow Motion

My perspective on chemistry has changed quite a bit since the dry, impenetrable subject I was forced to take it in high school and college, largely because of this sort of well-made video.  

The American Chemical Society produced the original of this slow motion video last year, and has now taken this footage (shot at 4,000 frames per second) and added an explanation of the sequence of chemical reactions that take place at the molecular level when a match is struck.

From youtube channel Reactions:
To fire up the grill or the gas stove, we often reach for a match. It turns out there’s a lot of chemistry going on to make those little wooden wonders work. The best way to find out about the chemistry of burning matches is to watch it in ultra-slow motion. 

Click here to embiggen
Lots more on the history of matches at Compound Interest.

via Gizmodo.

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