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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A collection of vintage ads you would never see today

I've always been fascinated by vintage ads. You can find them in near-infinite numbers on Al Gore's interwebs, and, as is all too frequently the case, I had a hard time stopping once I started. I've tried to limit this set somewhat by leaving out the blatantly sexist ones (I've posted a collection of those already), the blatantly racist (just because) and (mostly) those on the health benefits of cigarettes (of which there are a LOT).

So, here you go - ads that would never see the light of day these days:

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  1. For some reason the cellophane one is the most twisted one to me!

  2. These might be real, but who knows which ones? They are quite popular politically for the Hegelian idea of progress, and I have seen many such ads that are fakes. If you don't know, the Hegelian idea is that everything in the past was bad and everything now is good. And not only that, but we've reached this magical moment in time whereby those who come after us will not judge us as bad as we have the authority to judge everything that came before. The political Left wouldn't exist without Hegel, but the Right has embraced this awful idea as well in various forms (e.g. Whig history)

  3. The Cola, Tripe, and Amphetamine ads are fake, alas.

    1. how do you know that?

  4. The massage one is clearly an advertisement for a vibrator (the sex toy variety). They had to market them as massagers, and you’d often see women holding a phallic object on their neck muscles. This man-going-upskirt one seems so explicit, though, that I wonder if it isn’t fake; I don’t think it would have passed most censors of the time.

  5. I have tried all of the above and they are effective as advertised.