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Monday, November 13, 2017

Most Popular Thanksgiving Foods in All 50 States, Mapped

via Mental Floss, Thanksgiving recipe requests by state:

To highlight regional Turkey Day tastes, General Mills collected data from top recipe searches on,, and the cooking website from November 1, 2016 through Thanksgiving Day 2016. They compiled the state-by-state findings into a map so we could see what Americans like to chow down on during the holiday.

It turns out, home chefs in Georgia, South Carolina, Delaware, and North Carolina largely searched for sweet potato dishes, while West Virginians, Ohioans, and Pennsylvanians wanted to make buffalo chicken dip. And oddly enough, the denizens of two landlocked states—Arizona and Wisconsin—sought out shrimp recipes.

Proving that some Thanksgiving desserts are relatively universal, however, residents of six states—including South Dakota, South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New Mexico, and New Hampshire—all looked for various types of pie.

Check out the full findings in the map below.


  1. I suspect that turkey is actually no. 1 in all 50 states, but I suppose that would make a boring map. Still, #fakenews.

  2. I lived in Michigan for five decades without ever seeing chili sold or served at a Thanksgiving dinner, or hearing anyone say, "Who's making the chili for Thanksgiving dinner?", or ever hearing it mentioned, advertised, or even hinted at. This map is crap.

  3. Um...Wisconsin's not "landlocked", unless the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway have dried up.