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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Extended family member hit by IED

We spend a lot of time with my son-in-law's family, the closest of whom is his cousin Jason and Jason's wife Julie.  Julie's brother, Josh, sent this to his mother yesterday:

"today was a bad day mom. two of my marines were hit with ieds. i cant tell
you the specifics yet but know that i am okay. i was 7ft from one of them
when it went off so you might be getting a call or something telling you im
hurt and somewhere getting treatment. dad should have called you and already
told you this. but know that i am perfectly fine and nothing is wrong with
me. i am just mentally scared from watching one of my best friends get blown
up. in time that will heal as well. sleeping tonight wont be easy though.
one of my junior marines lost both his legs above the knee. my buddy lost
his left foot and his right leg was gashed open pretty badly. i had to shove
my hand in his leg to keep him from bleeding out. i fucking hate this war
and i want to come home mom. only a few more months and i think i might be
done with this shit. but we'll see. i love you very much and i miss you.
cant wait to see you when i get home. i love you mom."

Prayers would be appreciated.  Josh is 25 years old.

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