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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

James O’Keefe goofs on gun-grabbers

Daily Caller: It’s easy to write an op-ed about gun control, or to spout off about it on TV. But how many of these gun-grabbing pundits and “journalists” would be willing to practice what they preach? How many of them would want everybody in the neighborhoods where they live to know that there are no guns on their premises?

How many of them would be willing to publicly designate their own homes as gun-free zones? James O’Keefe found out:

Related, yesterday's post re Mark Steyn's 2000 article on crime in gun-free Britain, which includes this: Villains are expert calculators of risk.  In New Hampshire, a citizen’s right to defend himself deters crime; in Britain, the state-inflicted impotence of the homeowner actively encourages it. Just as becoming a drug baron is a rational career move in Colombia, so too is becoming a violent burglar in the United Kingdom. The chances that the state will seriously impede your progress are insignificant.

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