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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

California’s $910 Million ObamaCare Exchange.

Read the whole thing at Reason
Health policy consultant Robert Laszewski notes that California has already received a little more than $909 million in federal grants—an amount that’s actually $32 million less than the state’s exchange director asked for.
So where’s all the money going? A big chunk is going to the infrastructure and information technology components—building out the website and database technology necessary to manage the law’s subsidies and facilitate enrollment in the exchange-based health plans. But a lot of it is just going to marketing and enrollment. As Laszewski notes, the state is launching a two-year, $250 million marketing campaign intended to get people to sign up for the exchange. The state is also paying 20,000 part-time "enrollers" $58 an application for each person they sign up. In contrast, California Blue Shield serves 3.5 million members with just 5,000 employees.

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