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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wallet made out of whale foreskin

Via Daily Caller: Because no two whale foreskins are alike, “As with a fingerprint, each Minke Dork has a unique hue, pattern and texture, ranging from a smooth sheen to a coarse cracked hide. Upon ordering, a series of images of each available finish will be presented for selection.”

The minke dork wallet comes at a whopping €1,850 — or $2,440.

Recht has conjured up a number of bizarre accessories and clothing items for his collection.

During Paris fashion week this past January, Recht unveiled the “Forget Me Knot” ring, which is made out of 24-karat gold and the salted and tanned skin of his own abdomen. He underwent a plastic surgery procedure, which he of course videotaped for Fashion’s sake, and had a 4.3 inch piece of flesh cut off his stomach in order to make a ring that no one will ever buy.

For his 2011 debut into the Fashion world, Recht made his first collection out of 21 blackbirds and 27 stillborn lambs.

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