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Friday, June 28, 2013

Ivy League Killer Accidentally Butt-Dialed His Cellphone While He Was Murdering His Girlfriend

via Ace, The New York Post reports on this incredible bit of evidence.

The prosecution has a recording of the killer telling his victim he was about to kill her, thanks to the butt-dial.

Apparently the rage broke out when the killer saw his girlfriend had dialed a 508 area code number -- I guess he suspected she was unfaithful.

This is the recording made just before the murder:
“Why did you call 508, why did you call that number?” Jason Bohn asked Danielle Thomas just before the June 2012 slay in his Astoria apartment.Thomas said, “I don’t know” and “Jason, I love you” a dozen times, according to a transcript obtained by The Post.
Bohn replies “You have five seconds and then…and then I’m going to kill you.”
The accused killer then gives his victim instructions, telling her “I’m going to let you up and then you need to answer quickly or else you die…Danielle, why did you call that number?…Danielle you are so stupid. You think I’m going to stop, I won’t stop.”

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