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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Suspension over gun-shaped toaster pastry is now permanent mark on 7 year old's record

Daily Caller: This week brought more bad news for Joshua Welch, the Baltimore-area second-grader who was suspended for two days because his teacher thought he shaped a breakfast pastry into something resembling a gun.

School officials have denied an appeal to have the suspension expunged from the boy’s permanent record, reports The Baltimore Sun.

Robin Ficker, the attorney representing Welch and his family, said he will now take the matter to the Anne Arundel County school board. Under local regulations, he has 30 days to do so.


  1. What a sad state of affairs and a direct reflection on how this country has failed itself. His teacher should be ashamed of herself.

  2. It seems to be an act of child abuse, at least psychologically, by labeling this boy as a 'bad child', at least in his mind, since being labelled this by adults. So I hope these leftist teachers are prosecuted for hurting this child.

  3. The boy should wear this as a badge of courage. With a few small bites of his pastry he has exposed the ridiculousness of all the adults in charge. By the way, who is the bully in this situation.