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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Check out this rather extraordinary custom made leather suit of medieval Joker armor

For Batfans, the ultimate in Joker costumes:

From Neatorama:

By Prince Armory, check out this incredible creation- a suit of medieval style leather Joker armor, colorful and creepy and sure to be a perfect fit for the Clown Prince of Crime. The details are amazing, from the articulated and clawed gauntlets to the almost snakelike texturing on the helmet, and it's is made up of seven hardened leather pieces: 

Jester's Helmet with Joker Mask, Breastplate, Drama Face Pauldrons, Breastplate, Jester's War Skirt, Cuisses/Knees/Greaves, Articulated Jester Shoe Sabatons.

See the Prince Armory website for more.

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