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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Godzilla size chart: Per poster for the new movie, new Godzilla is much larger than the previous versions

This guy's going to be really hard to take down.  Here's a chart showing all of Godzilla's (fluctuating) sizes through the years:

Here's a poster from the new movie:

One of his previous incarnations:

This is the only available trailer:


  1. 120-150 meters for the new Godzilla? Even standing on the top of Nob Hill he wouldn't dwarf the Financial District like that (The TransAmerica building is 260m for example) so I guess there's a bit of license in that poster.

  2. I live in the Oakland hills at 1,000 feet. The image of San Francisco I see across the bay is exactly like that in the poster.

    So I guess I won't have to see the movie. When Godzilla comes I can just look out my window.

  3. pat….get the hell outa there he's coming in your direction!