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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Toilet Museum Exhibit Lets You Wear a Poop Hat And Go Down a 16 Foot Toilet Slide, Just Like a Real Poop

science museum in Tokyo has opened an exhibit all about toilets and what humans put into them. Visitors can learn about the formation and makeup of feces, the importance of toilets for health, and how toilets work.

But visitors can do more than just learn information. They can have fun! Visitors are given cloth poop hats, and then flushed into the giant toilet: the exhibit includes a 5-meter (15 foot) long slide into a giant toilet. As the sign welcoming visitors says, "You Too, Can Become Feces!". BYW, grammar nazis, that's their punctuation, not mine.

There's also a choir of singing toilets - see the video:

via Neatorama

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