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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Remember the song "El Paso" from the Breaking Bad finale? Here's Steve Martin (1980) acting it out with a bunch of monkeys

And a burro, and an elephant.

Dangerous Minds posts a clip from Steve Martin’s 1980 NBC special Comedy Is Not Pretty (not to be confused with Martin’s album of the same name):
The special’s greatest moment, however, is an ambitious fusion of the sublime and the stupid that comes right at the beginning. In the opening sketch, Martin, a burro, an elephant, and a cast of simians dramatize Marty Robbins’ love-and-death gunfighter ballad “El Paso.” 
Only “El Paso” is embedded below, but you can watch all of Comedy Is Not Pretty on Hulu.

The same song was, of course, used in the finale of Breaking Bad:

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