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Thursday, May 7, 2015

95-Year-Old World War II vet used his cane to fight off would-be thief

It's probably hard to intimidate someone who lived through the invasion of Okinawa. Too bad he didn't have one of those self-defense canes with a built-in stun gun.

MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – Arthur Kemberis may be 95 years old and walks with a cane but this WWII veteran had the strength to fight off a would be robber who tried to steal his wallet.

“I am not a fighter. I am too old to do that but I did lift up my cane and struck him on the shoulder,” Kemberis said.

Arthur says the unexpected confrontation unfolded Saturday morning when he went to pick up his wife’s prescription at Walgreens in Manchester. Police say that’s when a suspect began following Arthur inside the store.

“I took the money out and he saw me after I took out the amount and I pushed everything back in my wallet,” Kemberis said.

Moments later outside in the parking lot the man approached Arthur and tried to grab his wallet several times but Arthur even at the age of 95 wouldn’t stand for it.

“He saw me coming up to strike him on the shoulders. I hit him three or four times,” Kemberis said.

Kamberis wasn’t hurt.

“He wasn’t very aggressive, but I was,” Kemberis said.

via The Blaze.

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