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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Advice from c. 1200: How to Survive the Winter

So, are the old ways always the best? I tend to think so, being a grandma.

"Winter is damp and cold: we should turn to food. Nourishment should be delicious in the winter. Neither purging nor bloodletting is helpful then, and encounters in bed with your lady friend should be moderate."

~ Daniel of Beccles, Urbanus magnus

How to Keep Your Hands Warm, advice from 1579:
"Whosoever annoynts his feete or hands, with the grease of a Woolfe: he shall not be hurt with any colde of his handes, or feete so annointed."
~ Thomas Lupton, A Thousand Notable Things (1579)
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  1. I knew I was saving that wolf grease for a reason.

  2. Awesome...came here via link from

  3. The old ways are the best, as me old granny would say.