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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wurst robot ever? Watch A German Robot (the Bratwurst Bot) Grill Sausages

Popular Science:
Just like any of us in the summer months, it locates empty spaces on the grill and places bratwursts as needed, eyes them and turns them to ensure even crisping of the skin, and plates them when they're done, with a waggle of its moustachioed tablet face.
More detail at
The BratWurst Bot was developed for the Stallwächter-Party and is made of shelf robotic components such as the light-weight Universal Robots arm UR-10, a standard parallel gripper (Schunk PG-70) and standard grill tongs. A regular tablet with a ROS-based web frontend was used as an interface. The guests could easily order a sausage via this tablet. Then the ordered bratwurst appeared in a queue on the tablet with the name of the guest and the remaining preparation time. In addition to that, a tablet-based chef face behind the robot interacted with the guests.
The robot turned the sausages multiple times until they were ready to be directly served on a guest's plate. 

More at, h/t Dyspepsia Generation

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