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Thursday, January 19, 2017

One for Bradley/Chelsea Manning: How to Deal with Female Traitors (1861)

Not that Manning is amusing (or female), but I liked this anyway:

A cartoon from Harper's Weekly (wiki) from October 26, 1861, during the Civil War. The suggestions on what to do with female traitors are pretty self-explanatory: there's a transcription below.

The captions:

"Let them See but not touch all the latest novelties in Hats, Dry Goods, etc."

"Send them to the Alms House to nurse refractory babies"

"Have the fashionable intelligence read in their hearing to their intense aggravation"

"Make them wear very unfashionable uniform as e.g. the above"

"Let them do Housework under the Superintendence of Biddy"

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