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Friday, March 24, 2017

A Collection of Vintage Celebrity Endorsements

We're accustomed to celebrity athletes endorsing products related to their areas of expertise (think Michael Jordan and Nikes), but it's hard to imaging why anyone would care about Mohammad Ali's opinion on roach killing or Doris Day's opinion on construction equipment:

Sammy Davis, Jr. was notorious for his drinking, so this one kinda makes sense:

Lucille Ball apparently had a couple of vices we didn't know about:

Humphrey Bogart selling Whitman's Samplers:

Here's Jerry Lewis with Colonel Sanders:

Sonny and Cher, because when you think of Cher you think Bible, right?

Here's Pope Leo XIII around the torn of the 20th century endorsing Vin Mariani, a wine and cocaine cocktail:

Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) from Star Trek:

Roy Rogers:

Bob Hope:

And, in the future president category, Ronald Reagan:

And The Donald, although since he's selling his own products, I guess this doesn't really count:

Lots more here.


  1. Great assortment. I remember all the celebrities (dating myself). Particularly love the Roy Rogers ad. One of my, and my brothers', earliest cowboy heroes.

  2. The Roy Rogers one is rather suggestive LOL.