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Monday, February 5, 2018

This Feb. 5, 1865 photo of President Abraham Lincoln in Washington is the last one taken of him.

This Sunday, Feb. 5, 1865, photo made available by the Library of Congress shows President Abraham Lincoln in Washington. This image is the last photo in the president's last photo session during his life. 

(AP Photo/Library of Congress, Alexander Gardner)
h/t Hot Mic

This 1861 photo by Matthew Brady was taken in 1861 - it's from this set of gorgeous remastered and colorized images from the Civil War era, including Lincoln and Mark Twain (this related book gets excellent reviews: The Civil War in Color: A Photographic Reenactment of the War Between the States.):

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Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 (this post has a different photo that claims to be Lincoln's last - I don't know which is accurate). Related: In 1956, an eyewitness (Samuel Seymour) to the Lincoln assassination appeared on TV.

Lincoln's 1858 speech on the meaning of Independence Day: Let us stick to it then. Let us stand firmly by it then.

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