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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Must read: A Conspiracy So Immense

Clarise Feldman at American Thinker writes this morning about a Matthew Continetti article from last week that I had missed.  I suggest reading Ms. Feldman's article first and following the links to the the original and to additional sources/comments.  Here's the executive summary:

"He (Continetti) picks up on a report by Andy Kroll in Mother Jones about a coordinated effort by about 36 different interest groups with reported revenues of no less than $1.69 billion, pledging millions of dollars to work together to attack conservative supporters and organizations, to intervene directly in Democratic politics, to push for filibuster reform to better enable a push through their agenda without any input from the opposition, and expanding "voting rights" and fighting voter registration laws to further grease the skids for their legislative agenda."

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