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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy 25th Anniversary to The Onion: Area Man Realizes He's Been Reading Fake News For 25 Years

Story today on NPR. Two college students founded the fake news organization, which began as a newspaper in Madison, Wis. "It really started as something very local that was intended mainly to ... sell pizza coupons," says Editor-In-Chief Will Tracy.

Here's the top story on The Onion this morning (read the whole thing):

Syria Conflict Intensifies As Bears Enter War

DAMASCUS—Syria’s ongoing civil war entered a new and dangerous phase today as tens of thousands of bloodthirsty bears reportedly descended on the strife-torn country, charging from city to city on a murderous rampage.

Terrified witnesses confirmed that scores of semi-conscious residents have been dragged from their homes by their necks, torn limb from limb, and had their innards feasted upon by hordes of vicious bears, which appeared to target individuals regardless of whether they supported President Bashar al-Assad or the insurgent opposition.

Rebel and government forces alike say the sudden appearance of bears has significantly worsened the state of turmoil in Syria.

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