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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Former NFL star threatened with lawsuit from parents of kids who trashed his house

Former Pro Bowler Brian Holloway was staying at his primary residence in Florida when an estimated 300 teenagers crashed his house in New York and held a giant party. Teens being forward-looking and responsible, they naturally documented their destruction of his pad— estimated at $20,000 of graffiti, damaged floors, and stolen property— in photos, videos, tweets, and Facebook posts.

Holloway responded by publicizing some of the photos and publicly pleading with parents and teens to remedy the situation. His website expresses concern about the teens’ drinking, drug use, and criminal behavior and a desire to prevent kids from “get[ting] off track” and hold them accountable for their actions.

But rather than apologize to Holloway for their children’s behavior, some parents have contacted their lawyers to see what legal action they can take against the former Patriots and Raiders offensive lineman, local affiliate ABC News 10 reported.

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  1. Shame is still a terminal disease in some parts of the galaxy, but, apparently, not in 21st century America.