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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

‘Breaking Bad’: Vince Gilligan Shares 5 Alternate Endings

Off topic, sort of - last night I was sitting in a restaurant in Washington prior to seeing the Washington Shakespeare Theater's quirky version of Measure for Measure, and when the waiter brought my iced tea along with the requisite bowl containing various sweeteners, I noticed that there was no Stevia and asked for some.  He had no idea what I was talking about and told me they didn't have any.  Shortly afterward, three women were seated at an adjacent table and one of them asked the same waiter the same question.  We had a good laugh and a brief discussion about whether Stevia paid for that product placement, and found out that the women were also going to the theatre.

So, bottom line - based on this sample, 100% of patrons of the Washington Shakespeare Theatre are Breaking Bad fans.

The writers of Breaking Bad gave Walter White his M60 before they knew who it would kill.

Vince Gilligan says in the final “Breaking Bad Insider” podcast that he and his team had no idea, when they gave Walt the machine gun at the start of the final season, that he would eventually motorize it mow down Neo Nazis. They didn’t even know the show would have Neo Nazis.

We were saying you know what? An M60 machine gun, Rambo’s machine gun, something cool has to happen with that. We’ll figure it out later.”

Some of the rejected ideas:

1. Walt Goes Rambo - too brawn over brain.

2. Walt Kills Cops - the police come to get him, and he uses the M60 on the police.

3. Walt Takes Out a Jail - He breaks Jesse out of jail just as the Nazis were gonna knock Jesse off - he comes in and uses an M60 to lay waste to an entire prison or a prison bus.

4. Skyler Kills Herself

5. Jesse Dies, Then Walt Jr. Dies - This wasn’t necessarily a finale ending, but it was an idea Gilligan kicked around before Season 1 even began. He says he considered a sequence in which a very ruthless drug dealer – he would include elements of Gus Fring, Krazy 8 and Tuco Salamanca – would kill Jesse. Walt, “filled with rage,” shackles him in a basement. He rigs a tripwire with a shotgun, so that the dealer can kill himself by pulling it. Walt wants the dealer to do it, so he begins torturing him from the ground up. He starts at the toes and begins “lopping off bits of this guy and cauterizing it with a blowtorch or something.” This goes on for weeks, but the dealer won’t kill himself. Eventually Walt Jr. discovers him and tries to give him some water. When the dealer realizes Walt Jr. is Walt’s son, he trips the wire and kills them both.

More at TheWrap, including links to previous articles.

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