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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Video: Helicopter with giant drop-down chain saw trimming trees away from power lines, bonus helicopter gallery

I'm not sure where this is, but it seems unlikely that this is in the US - can you imagine the regulations it would be violating?

Using helicopters (wiki) to lift heavy stuff into those hard to reach areas is pretty common - the Chinook can lift 14 tons. 

Speaking of moving stuff around, here's a Soviet MI-10:

And here's a M-26 lifting an M-10:

From Popular Mechanics, 1951:

And then there's this:

Go see the whole gallery of huge helicopters at Dark Roasted Blend.


  1. That's not really a chain saw. It's a disk cutter, much like those used for cutting hay.

  2. The helicopter is carrying an American registration number, registered to a company in North Carolina, so it is likely in the US.

  3. I saw one in action off Virginia 787, Indian Valley Road, a couple of years ago.

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