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Friday, February 6, 2015

Woman wins $1.5M after car crash turns her into a dominatrix

A woman claims a car crash changed her personality — transforming her from a star student to a lusty dominatrix — and now she’s getting $1.5 million in damages for it.

Alissa Afonina, 23, of Burnaby, British Columbia, said in court papers that she was a bookish teen at the top of her high school class until a pickup truck she was riding in ran off the road and she bumped her head.

The resulting brain damage caused a loss of “impulse control,” turning her into a sex-crazed wild child — and leading her to sex work, say the court documents, filed in British Colombia Supreme Court.

“I find that it is the brain injury that has led to her post-accident lack of ability to cope in the normal way, and it is the brain injury that has prohibited her from generating sufficient economic resources to support herself,” Justice Joel Grove wrote on Jan. 7.

“Alissa’s work as a dominatrix supports the finding.”
More at NY Post

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