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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Great-grandmother, 92, hits mugger with mobility scooter. Bonus: Hell's Grannies sketch from Monty Python

My favorite bit:
"We went through the war and all the bombings. We won't let a weasel like that hold us back."
A 92-year-old woman has told how she saved her 75-year-old friend from a mugger by ramming him with her mobility scooter.

Eileen Mason and Margaret Seabrook were on their way back from a lunch club meeting when the thief struck from behind a fence.

Margaret Seabrook, 75, (left) and Eileen Mason, 92 Photo: SWNS
He saw the contents of Ms Seabrook's basket, mounted on the front of her scooter, before grabbing Ms Mason by the arm and reaching for her carrier bag. Ms Mason shouted "Oh, no you don't," and hit the accelerator of her scooter.

The would-be thief was knocked to the ground before the great-grandmothers, both of Swindon, Wiltshire, sped off.

Ms Mason - who has four children, 10 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren - said: "I saw him look into my basket and I said 'oh no you don't', really loudly.

"I put my scooter into accelerate and turned really fast. The next thing I know he was on the floor. I thought 'my gosh'.

"Something in me just told me to turn so I squeezed the accelerator and turned and he went flying. He was so evil looking. We go to the lunch club every week on our scooters and nothing like this has ever happened before.

"We went through the war and all the bombings. We won't let a weasel like that hold us back. I would stand up for myself again if I needed to, but hopefully I won't need to. We will carry on as normal though - he hasn't put us off."

Mother-of-three Ms Seabrook, who has eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren said: "They were obviously targeting us because they thought we'd be an easy target - he was wrong.

"We're just so surprised by the response we've had. We just want to warn people not to leave things on display in their baskets, put it in the back or leave it on your lap, hidden by a coat."

And here are Hell's Grannies from Monty Python (wiki):

More at the Telegraph, via Dave Barry.

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