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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Post-apocalypse skill: How To Open A Can Without a Can Opener, plus bonus Buffy

Useful survival skill for upcoming apocalypses, zombie or otherwise:

Prepper Journal, via Geekpress.

That reminded me of the scene in Buffy (Season 5 - A New Man) where Riley says, "I suddenly find myself needing to know the plural of apocalypse." I couldn't find a clip of it, but I did find this:

and this list of averted apocalypses from Buffy and Angel:

Opening of Hellmouth by the Order of Aurelius
Possible use of nuclear missiles by Moloch
Opening of Hellmouth by the Master

All of humanity being incinerated by the Judge
World being sucked into Hell by Acathla
Possibly vampire supremacy on the world in the Wishverse by The Master and the Order of Aurelius, already effective on Sunnydale

Opening of Hellmouth by the Sisterhood of Jhe
Ascension of Richard Wilkins into Olvikan
Destruction of all human life by The Scourge and the Beacon

Opening of Hellmouth via the Sacrifice of Three
Creation of an army of human/demon cyborgs

Freezing of time by Gene Rainey
Opening of Dimensional Portals by Glory

Draining of the Earth's life energy by Willow

The death of all living creatures due to the loss of the Sun
The First's endgame: the possession of mankind en masse and the destruction of the Slayer line
Complete loss of free will to Jasmine

The release of Illyria's army of doom upon humanity
Destruction of the North American continent by the self-destruction of Illyria
Wolfram & Hart's scheduled Apocalypse

The Fall of Los Angeles
Opening a little Hellmouth by Tansy Fry and her new Order of Aurelius in Los Angeles
Earth being transformed into a demonic breeding farm by Myresto Mor
Destruction of the Earth dimension and creation of the Twilight dimension in its place
The destruction of the Seed of Wonder and the end of magic

Re-opening of dimensional portals by Wolfram & Hart's TinCan website
Reversion of Twilight by Severin, which would tear reality itself apart
Outbreak of a mystical plague caused by Whistler, Pearl, and Nash

I think I'm going to have to re-watch Buffy - it's been several years.

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